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1500 Gallon Per Hour (GPH) Tactical Water Purification System (TWPS)

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The Sustainment Training Center (STC) can train your ARNG Full-Time Maintenance Technicians & M-Day Traditional Soldiers (91J MOS) in the Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair of the 1500GPH TWPS. STC has developed an 80 hour Maintenance Training Package. The core fundamental teaching points are focused towards maintenance, troubleshooting and diagnostic procedures. Hands on instruction coupled with classroom instruction is the primary method of instruction. This methodology ensures the student leaves the course with the knowledge to adequately identify problems and implement correct repairs. Minimal instruction is provided on the 60kw Generator as it relates to the overall TWPS system. The maintenance training is not MOS producing, but is quality instruction that will provide your ARNG Maintenance Technician & Soldier with valuable skills in maintaining the TWPS unit.

Maintenance tasks trained-on include Repair of Pump Assemblies; Correct Malfunction of Gauges (Non Electrical); Correct Malfunction of Reverse Osmosis Pump; Correct Malfunction of High Pressure Pumps. Training also includes other 91J skill level one tasks and a block of instruction on proper Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS).


Must be an ARNG Full Time Maintenance Technician working in a State Maintenance Equipment Site in direct support of TWPS Maintenance operations or M-Day Soldier MOS Qualified in 91J.

Mr. Mark Rushing is the POC for enrollment at 515-727-3579, DSN 431-3579 and Matt Hogan is the POC for Technical Course Information at 515-727-3586, DSN 431-3586. See the Tri-Fold TWPS brochure for detailed information on this course.

26 Aug 2019


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