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The Sustainment Training Center (STC) recently added Brigade Support Medical Company (BSMC) training allowing an entire Brigade Support Battalion to work in unison during their two week annual training. The STC staff will work with the Commander to personalize the medical training based on the assessment of their unit. During week 1 of annual training (AT) the focus will be on individual tasks for each specific MOS within the BSMC. While the 68Ws go through the 48- hour sustainment training at the Medical Simulation Training Center (MSTC) in accordance with TC 8-800, the remaining medical personnel perform individual tasks at a civilian medical treatment facility (MTF); working with direct patient contact in departments related to their respective MOS/AOCs. The medical unit leadership can participate in the Battalion Staff Training and the Military Decision Making Process seminar to learn their roles as leaders.

During the 2nd week of AT the entire BSMC will re-unite on Camp Dodge and function in a fixed role II MTF complete with all BSMC organic equipment. The focus of this 2nd week will be on collective tasks set forth by the Commanders Mission Essential Task List and Key Collective Tasks. The training evaluation will encompass the spectrum of point of injury and role I Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) to evacuation and stabilization at the Role II MTF. The Soldiers will perform hands-on medical training with the use of very realistic, performance sensitive manikins capable of reacting to the medical treatment being performed. The unit will also utilize the Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) system during the exercise to track patients and order procedures in the role II facility. The medical training will be incorporated into a BSB collective training Field Training Exercise with emphasis placed on both technical and tactical skills. Subject matter experts (SMEs) at the STC will evaluate the training in accordance with the Training and Evaluation Outline and applicable Combined Arms Training Strategy found in the Army Training Network.

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