Our History

Most people may know that the National Maintenance Training Center (NMTC) has been offering first-class training for both maintenance units and maintenance technicians for quite some time but few know how the center actually evolved to what it is today.

In 1991, the Equipment Maintenance Center CONUS (EMC-C) was established as an ARNG Training Center with a mission to train, at the technical collective level General Support Maintenance Companies in the Army. The EMC-C began training General Support (GS) Maintenance Companies in 1992 as a solution to a huge problem identified by a General Accounting Office report, there were over 70 maintenance companies at the time in the force structure. In 1994 the EMC-C also began training Direct Support (DS) Maintenance Units, Divisional and Non-Divisional, augmented with a cadre from the active army.

In June of 1999, the EMC-C was renamed the National Maintenance Training Center (NMTC) to better reflect the on-going mission of collective maintenance training to include tactical recovery training and Maintenance Support Training. In this same year, the NMTC developed a training package for Headquarters elements of Maintenance battalions, addressing critical needs of staff sections of the Maintenance Battalions. In 1997 the NMTC created the Supply Support Activity (SSA) as the logistics structure started to change in the GS maintenance companies and the Direct Support Maintenance Companies. The SSA offered robust parts and supply personnel training and began limited quartermaster training.

The next evolutionary step of the NMTC occurred in late 2005 as the Center transitioned to two levels of maintenance. In 2007, the ARNG G-4 and G-3 met at the center and agreed that the NMTC also train Brigade Support Battalions and Corps Sustainment Support Battalions because other training activity in the Army was doing so. Since the NMTC was already training nearly 60% of a Support Battalion Organization it seemed like a natural progression to train full up Battalions.

By the close of 2008, the NMTC had incorporated Battalion Staff Training and training for the Distribution Companies into the center’s core training opportunities. By providing MDMP training and a digital exercise for the staff, logistics training for the Supply Support Activity (SSA), and collective training for the Distribution Companies, the Center was well on its way to its current genesis.

In August of 2013 the NMTC was, once again, renamed. The current training of both the Battalion Staff and Distribution Companies, in addition to the maintenance pieces, made it obvious that the Center did more than purely maintenance training. With emerging capability to provide collective training for medical companies as well as the plan for developing Food Service training, the center has grown to a one-stop shop for all sustainment training needs. The commander sought a name that would best reflect what the center actually does. The Sustainment Training Center (STC) will continue to provide high caliber, professional training as it continues its evolution to best support the training needs of sustainment units and the Warfighter.

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