Forward Support Company

The Sustainment Training Center (STC) is your one stop training environment for your Forward Support Company. When training at the STC, both your maintenance platoon and distribution platoons encounter a realistic training environment. The unit commander establishes unit goals and objectives 180-days prior to arrival and the STC staff becomes an enabler to the unit to assist in recognizing key tasks and a glide path to accomplish these objectives.

Maintenance Platoon

Regardless of your unit configuration or type of battalion that you support, the STC staff is ready to support your training needs in automotive, ground support equipment, service and recovery, communications and electronics and armament repair. This support and training are within the latest Army standards for maintenance and logistical management. Your unit will leave the STC equipped with the latest material in these areas.

The unit?s maintenance control section takes control of the entire maintenance activity from the first day the advance party arrives. They are responsible for managing, leading, and directing all maintenance activities while using the most current Standard Army Maintenance System - Enhanced (SAMS-E) as the primary management tool. The STC staff will assist in man-hour accounting, backlog management, indentifying maintenance troubleshooting procedures and ensuring your unit is equipped with the necessary tools, test equipment and electronic manuals to accomplish these tasks efficiently, safely and to standard.

Your maintenance platoon will recognize the Forward Support Company Maintenance Shop as a place to solidify the individual tasks your Soldiers? posses. They will train on the latest Army Force Modern equipment and develop the leadership and supervision skills that are critical to your unit success. Training will be accomplished by a ?hands on? concept with over the shoulder training practices by the STC staff or a classroom environment whichever is appropriate to the tasks being taught to the Soldiers.

Your service and recovery section will enhance their skills in our enhanced machine and welding shop coupled with our various types of recovery assets. This is also the functional area WHERE YOUR Soldiers will learn all the aspects of proper vehicle recovery, just make sure your Soldiers are already Hotel 8 qualified before they come in order to receive sustainment training in the Recovery section.

Distribution Platoon

The STC also has excellent opportunities for your distribution platoon. Regardless of Military Occupational Specialty, opportunities for training are abundant at the STC. Based on your mission, training is available for your MOS 88M, 92A, 92F, and 89B Soldiers.

Your 88M?s Truck Drivers will become proficient in convoy operations on varied terrain and roadways all while conducting mounted land navigation techniques. They will learn to properly manage their loads including cargo and personnel to ensure safety at all times. The STC instructors integrate the basics of conducting Preventative Maintenance Checks Services and inventorying vehicles with the use of truck rodeo training to enforce the always ready approach.

At the STC, your 92F Petroleum Soldiers can gain more experience in many areas of petroleum distribution, handling, and storage through specific task training. During their annual training period the 92F?s will perform petroleum accounting, operate petroleum distribution equipment, conduct Refuel on the Move operations, take emergency precautions to prevent accidents, and possibly conduct air refueling operations or ?hot refuels?.

Your 92A logistics specialists have a great opportunity for training at the STC?s Supply Support Activity (SSA) as well as field training. They will process requests, conduct turn-ins, conduct inventories, perform prescribed load list (PLL) and shop stock list (SSL) duties, prepare and annotate shipping documents, conduct Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) operations, operate the Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT), and operate Material Handling Equipment (MHE).

The 89B Ammunition Specialist will be taught storage and handling of ammunition, explosives, and their associated components must be performed with accuracy to ensure safety. Here at the STC we have knowledgeable staff to train your 89B Soldiers the responsibility of receiving, storing, and issuing conventional ammunition, guided missiles, large rockets, explosives and other ammunition related items.

The STC team is ready to assist and train you. The STC staff will coach, teach, train, and mentor your leaders and Soldiers. The STC also will facilitate daily after action reviews and provide an overall evaluation of your unit?s proficiency based on the Combined Arms Training Strategy. In summation your Forward Support Company will receive specific training that will prepare them to conduct their wartime mission.


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