Distribution Training

The STC, a leader in Logistics Training for your Warriors. At the STC we take pride in offering quality and leading edge training for sustainment units, through the use of Subject Matter Experts, training logistics warriors in a scalable full spectrum operations environment. Our instructors possess years of technical and tactical experience allowing the STC to better train your logisticians for future operations and operational adaptability.

Utilizing the latest information from the Center for Army Lessons Learned our highly skilled instructors will train your warrior logisticians on current Collective Tasks using the latest equipment. At the STC we use the principle of “train as you will fight” to establish a solid foundation for your Soldiers.

Week one of your rotation focuses on refresher training with existing equipment and, when requested, an introduction to new equipment. Your Soldiers conduct their technical training in a tactical environment in order to encompass the Unified Land Operations (ULO) concept.

At the end of the first week we will give the leadership an operations order which will lead to the culminating event for week two, a 3-day field training exercise. This will provide trainers and unit leaders an opportunity to evaluate the Soldiers and look for areas that may need improvement.


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