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M88A1 Recovery Vehicle Maintenance Training for Technicians

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The Sustainment Training Center (STC) provides Maintenance Training and Instruction on the M88A1 Recovery Vehicle to ARNG Maintenance Technicians. The training and instruction consists of Field level maintenance training to include troubleshooting techniques. The course is designed for ARNG Maintenance Technicians that work at a CSMS, UTES, MATES, or FMS that have responsibility to repair the M88A1 Recovery Vehicle. The instruction is 80 hours in length, Monday through Friday 0730 – 1630 each day for two weeks. There is no instruction on weekends. All instruction is a combination of classroom and hands on with the end item and special diagnostic gear oriented on repair; there is no “field” component to this instruction as no recovery tasks are taught.

Instruction includes conducting field maintenance, inspection, and repair of the M88A1 Recovery Vehicle. Theory of operation and advanced instruction on troubleshooting of electrical control, mechanical systems, hydraulic function and the performance of on board Field Maintenance tasks on the M88A1 Recovery Vehicle. Identify components and controls of the M88A1. Removal, Cleaning, Inspection and Installation of the Compensating Idler and Arm. Troubleshoot the power plant in ground hop mode. Maintenance will be performed on the generator and fuel injection pump. Introduction to the braking/steering system and how it works. Adjust the braking/steering linkage. Introduction to the hydraulic system and how it works. Troubleshoot/repair the mechanical transmission. Repair/adjust the main winch and hoist winch brake. Ground hop APU and performs selected troubleshooting tasks. Correct malfunctions in the electrical/fuel system and service the unit. Interpret electrical/hydraulic schematics and troubleshoot the M88A1.


Must be an ARNG Technician working in a UTES, MATES, CSMS or FMS Shop in maintenance support of M88A1 Recovery Vehicles or M-Day Soldier MOS Qualified in 91H.

For further information, contact the operations office of the STC at phone number 515-727-3579/3584, DSN 431-727-3579/3584. Mr. Mark Rushing is the POC for enrollment and Mr. Mike Roney is the POC for Technical Course Information. See the Tri-Fold M88A1 brochure for detailed information on this course.


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