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FMC Vehicle Mechanic 91B

Seeking highly motivated SGT or SSG to join the team that trains to maintain! This NCO provides guidance and facilitates training for the Field Maintenance Company. Soldiers in the 91B MOS as outlined. The light-wheel vehicle mechanic supervises and performs unit maintenance and recovery operations on gasoline and diesel fueled light-wheel vehicles (prime movers designated as 5 ton or less and their associated trailers), and associated items; supervises unit maintenance and recovery operations on track and heavy-wheel vehicles, and on Material Handling Equipment (MHE). Maintains power assisted brake systems, wheel vehicle suspension systems, wheel vehicle wheel/hub assemblies, wheel vehicle mechanical (manual) steering systems, wheel vehicle hydraulic (power) steering systems, and wheel vehicle crane/ hose/winch assemblies. Plans, prepares and conducts training for 91B/H Repair sections in accordance with Leaders Guide to Lanes Training guidance (TC 25-10), ADP 7-0 and ADRP 7-0, and Leaders Guide to After Action Reviews. Plans, facilitates and evaluates daily After Action Reviews (AARs) with rotational unit personnel. Responsible to administer and enforce all Safety requirements within the section in accordance with FM 5-19. Other duties as assigned.

Food Services Lane Trainer 92G

Seeking highly motivated SGT or SSG to join the team that trains to maintain! This NCO will perform duties as the Sustainment Training Center (STC) Field Feeding Training Program SME. Provides collective technical/tactical Field Feeding training and evaluation for units supporting unified land operations. The Field Feeding training will be focused on section, platoon, and company level collective training using the latest generation of theater specific equipment, current doctrine, and logistics enabler systems that support the current Army structure. The Field Feeding SME will certify food handlers in food safety and protection when training time allows. Will be accountable for field feeding equipment at the STC. Will develop and initiate Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) and safety, and fire prevention programs for Field Feeding Training. Will provide familiarization training on Army Food Mgt Information System (AFMIS). Will specializes in providing scalable technical and tactical, field feeding training to logistics warriors and leadership to support the war fighter. Other duties as assigned.

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