BN/BDE Staff Mission Command Training

The STC’s partnership with the ARNG Mission Command Training Support Program (MCTSP), through MTC–Dodge, provides mission command training and simulation exercises focused on the MDMP for staffs at the battalion level and above. This is a unique multiechelon, integrated sustainment training environment not found at any other location. Battalion and above staff training through the MCTSP instructs commanders and their staffs in MDMP and operation order production. The training culminates in a digital command post exercise focused on operations across the range of intensity, including offense, defense, and stability operations. The program accommodates all levels of staff proficiency, from a newly organized staff to one that has experienced operators. MTC–Dodge can conduct digital exercises employing various Army Battle Command Systems. The sustainment simulation exercise can be run on a variety of drivers, including the Entity Resolution Federation driver, the Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation, and the Joint Deployment Logistics Model. Units training at the training center focus on developing the concept of support and its role in the operations process. They also produce a logistics common operational picture.

For Questions about the MCTSP and MTC-Dodge, contact MTC-Dodge Operations at (515) 331-5720/5760.


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